Welcome to Kohcan International Trading LLC, a complete solution to office automation and consumables, decoration and household items, and agricultural equipments.

Kohcan International Trading Company took upon itself the task of introducing latest agricultural machineries, office automation products and decoration items into Middle East and African markets. Our team has over a decade of experience in trading all our products and has proven its success and brilliance through becoming the major source for customers for all kinds of products and equipments. The progressing efforts are pursuing to keep up with the customer’s need and demand and our focus is to meet all customers requirement in products which we supply.

Our motto is "Protect Environment"

Due to global warming, our companies come up with ideas to produce and market those products which are eco friendly and can be distributed to people in general. Our team is enthusiastic to take care of the environment to sustain peaceful life on this blue planet. Thus, Kohcan International Trading LLC stood up for this noble cause and offers products ranging from your household decoration items to office automation products as well as field and farm machineries and equipment.

We deal in